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Here’s why I built this website:

One day, not too long ago I received a note from my son’s kindergarten teacher.  It read:

“Dear parent.  We hope that your family has a wonderful spring break.  Please remember to continue to read with your child.  I have included a list of books we are reading in class.  I have also included several math exercises to help your child stay proficient at the skills we are working on.  Finally, we ask that you help your child “write” about their activities during their first spring break.  Have fun!  Ms C”

After reading the note, the first thing my wife and I did was: panic!  What would we do with our son for the entire week?  We had two demanding jobs and absolutely no plans for our son!  I began a late night search for camps that were available (not necessarily great, just available) for the following week.  It was a difficult and inefficient search.  I needed to find a camp that met several criteria: (a) affordable (b) near by (c) awesome.  While I found a bunch of camps I really couldn’t be sure that they met any of those requirements!

That’s when I decided that parents like me would benefit greatly from having a place to meet, research and discuss camps.  Let’s use our hive-mind to make this important selection process the best possible experience for our kids.  And… let’s make it EASY.

Camp.  Made.  Easy.

For The Parent

From the home page search for topics that are interesting to you and your child.  On the “Search Results” page you can filter by different features.  I strongly recommend that you register (FREE) so that you can bookmark your favorite camps and write reviews to help other parents.

For The Camp Owner

We want to hear from you!  If you find your camp listed here please “claim” it.  Your ownership will be verified and then you can make edits and updates to your camp.  Questions?  Contact me.

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