About Wake County Year Round School Calendar

Below we summarize and link to current calendar. Wake County Public School System has 39 public year round schools (of a total of about 170 schools enrolling a total of about 150,000 students). The complete list of WCPSS schools and their calendars are found here.  Note that the number of schools using the year round calendar in WCPSS seems to change regularly so make sure to go to the source to confirm your tract.

Track out lasts three weeks after the end of each session except for the final session which features a five week track out (aka “summer vacation”). The official calendars refer to these breaks as “intersession” breaks. Most parents and camp operators call them track out breaks.

Wake Year Round Breaks

Because of the of the number of different schedules it’s best to just use images to summarize the calendars:

WCPSS Track Out Summary Part 1

Track 1 Vacation: Pink

Track 2 Vacation: Blue

Track 3 Vacation: Yellow

Track 4 Vacation: Green

Common: Orange


And the second half of the year (2017):

WCPSS Track Out Summary Part 2


And here is a link to the DPS Year Round 2016/17 calendar: WCPSS Year Round Calendar 2016-2017 (PDF)

WCPSS makes all of their calendars available here: 

Note About Durham

Note that Durham has a much smaller year round enrollment and therefore has a much simpler year round calendar with only a single track.  This means that all kids enrolled in the year round schools are on break at the same time.  This makes it easier for parent to coordinate but adds some complexity to near by camp operators that have to deal with an influx of an additional 3,300 students.

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